Platform Introduction

The INNOBIO Biosynthesis Technology Platform focuses on solving key technical issues in the green biomanufacturing industry. Our goal is to provide stability to the supply chain of the nutrition and health industry by integrating education, research, and manufacturing to create large-scale production capabilities leveraging intelligent manufacturing process control and industrial enzymes. Our platform’s high-efficiency separation and purification technology reduces environmental pollution and energy consumption. Combined with our use of low-carbon biomass fuels, we are committed to meeting society’s need for sustainable production methods. With our patented biosynthesis technology platform, INNOBIO strives to provide an alternative to chemical synthesis to provide more natural and healthy ingredients to the nutrition industry.

Technology 1
Multi-faceted fermentation control technology
Figure 1 Fermentation process for direct synthesis of nutrients
Technology 2
Directed evolution of enzymes and catalytic technology
Figure 2 Bioenzymes catalyze nutrient synthesis
  • Technical Value

    Stable supply

    Efficient production

    Better for the environment

Technical Value
Technical Value
Technical Value
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