Green Chemistry
Platform Introduction

INNOBIO’s green chemistry production technology platform adheres to the national ‘Green Economy Transition’ and ‘Clean Production’ programs. The principles of green chemistry are foundational for our technology platform, which includes proprietary techniques for enzyme-catalyzed synthesis as well as separation, purification, and structural modification of bioactive components. The entire chain of manufacturing from biosynthesis to extraction to final product formulation is based on green chemistry. Our technology platform avoids the production of pollutants from traditional chemical synthesis and industrial manufacturing processes to create a higher quality product more efficiently.

Technique 1
Continuous Flow-Conjugated Enzyme Synthesis Reaction
    Figure 1: Continue catalysis technology combined with immobilized enzymes
Technique 2
Efficient separation and purification
    Figure 2: Separation and purification of high-purity functional factors
  • Technical Value

    Increased safety in production

    Higher product purity

    uperior sensory qualities of finished product

Technical Value
Technical Value
Technical Value
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