Technical Solution

Technical Solution

Many active ingredients have low bioavailability due to poor water solubility and poor stability. Using a variety of technical processes, INNOBIO solves the challenges of solubility and stability to improve bioavailability while also imparting superior sensory qualities to our products. Today, INNOBIO continues to develop new technologies and processes to continue to provide our customers with personalized technical solutions.

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  • Tablet stability

    Tablet stability

  • Fast cold-water dispersion

    Fast cold-water dispersion

  • GI protection

    GI protection

  • Bioavailability


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Product Solution

Product Solution

Informed by the needs of our customers, INNOBIO has established a robust research platform for product development, from initial formulation to dosage form design. This allows us to provide customers with the greatest degree of technical support and products which meet the highest international standards.

  • Eye health

    Eye health

  • Sport nutrition

    Sport nutrition

  • Basic nutrition

    Basic nutrition

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