Nutritional Solutions for Eye Health
Release time:2022-09-20 15:37:52
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Our eyes are not only the windows to the soul, but also provide us with the most important sensory ability of them all – sight. Almost 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing, and 83% of the information the brain gathers comes via the optic nerves. Vision and visual function vary with age just as our physical performance does. Therefore, eye health issues need  different levels of attention at different stages of life.

Challenges in Nutrient Application 

Nutrients with unsatisfactory stability are sensitive to degradation by chemical and physical factors. 

Ingredients with poor solubility and/or unpleasant odors restrict their applications in the finished products. 

Lower bioavailability of ingredients leads to poor customer response.

INNOBIO nutritional solutions by  microencapsulation technologies

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