Vitamin and Vitamin Premix Solutions
Release time:2022-09-20 15:39:30
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The global growth in popularity of functional foods such as dietary supplements, food, beverages, etc. has created numerous opportunities for the vitamin and vitamin premixes markets. In 2021, vitamin supplements accounted for the largest share of around 31%. However, there remain many challenges related to vitamin dosage forms.


There are many challenges in applications of vitamins, they are added in products in small amounts, usually mixed with minerals or other ingredients. The degradation of vitamins is often faster due to cross-reaction with other ingredients. Also, further complications arise when vitamins are blended with other ingredients. Differences in properties of vitamin raw materials will affect the uniformity of the mixed product and the stability of the mixed product during storage.

LocVitaTM vitamin and vitamin premix solutions are designed by INNOBIO to solve application problems encountered by customers in the developing of foods, beverages, dietary supplements, and other products.


The platform leverages INNOBIO’s microencapsulation technology platform, including double-layer embedded Beadlets technology, cold water dispersion technology, coating technology, sustained-release technology, and taste-masking technology among others.

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