Innovative emulsion technology facilitate the development of functional lipid application
Release time:2023-07-11 15:59:41


Emulsions represent an innovative formulation approach that combines two immiscible liquids, such as oil and water, into a stable and homogeneous mixture. Delve into the world of emulsions and explore the cutting-edge solutions they provide:

· Enhanced solubility: Emulsions allow for the seamless incorporation of lipophilic (oil-soluble) ingredients into hydrophilic (water-based) systems, thus improving their solubility and facilitating their use in a wider range of food and beverage applications.

· Improved bioavailability:The smaller droplet size in emulsions leads to a larger surface area, which allows for more efficient absorption and utilization of functional lipids by the body.

· Stability: The finely dispersed droplets in emulsions create a stable system that resists separation or sedimentation, ensuring a consistent product quality throughout its shelf life.

Building on these remarkable properties, INNOBIO presents our next-generation functional lipid emulsions, featuring CLA, MCT, and DHA base on our advanced nano-efficient absorption technology.

Our upgraded formula offers:

1. Vegan-friendly: Plant-based and suitable for everyone, including those on vegan diets;

2. Wonderful solubility: Complete miscibility with water at any ratio;

3. Increased oil loading: Delivering higher concentrations of functional lipids with a boosted capacity from 20% to 45%-50%;

4. Superior taste: Enjoy a pleasant, non-fishy flavor perfect for various applications;

5. Exceptional stability: Support 90°C for 30 minutes sterilization and 121°C for 15 seconds UHT sterilization . A wide pH application range from 4 to 9;

6. High bioavailability: Triple the bioavailability compared to traditional oil-based formulations.

Experience the advantages of our state-of-the-art emulsion technology, meticulously crafted to provide innovative and effective nutritional solutions for a healthier future. We will be attending the Vitafoods Europe 2023 at Geneva, Switzerland. There will be more than the above products on display. Look forward to communicating with you on site