Explosive Power and Pump with GlycerBlast™ Innovative addition of L-leucine
Release time:2023-11-09 17:14:25
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Glycerol, as a hypertonic substance, brings you hydration pumping sensation with increased endurance, giving you the next level of sports performance. INNOBIO's GlycerBlast™ leverages our patented humidity resistance embedding microencapsulation technology and modified formulation to address glycerol powder instability. We have developed a premix technology platform that enables glycerol powder to be used more effectively as pre-workouts.

GlycerBlast™ is a microencapsulated Glycerol Powder containing 50% pure glycerol, newly launched in 2023 by INNOBIO. INNOBIO's microencapsulation technology enables the targeted development of functional components for specific application challenges.

INNOBIO's GlycerBlast leverages humidity resistance embedding microencapsulation technology to protect glycerol powder from air moisture which maintains it higher stability without clumping.  At the same time, we also performed relative hygroscopicity and flowability tests. By measuring the angle of repose of glycerol powder in a high humidity environment, we found that GlycerBlast showed a smaller increase in the angle of repose than Control Group, indicating that GlycerBlast glycerol powder is more stable and easier to store.


INNOBIO's GlycerBlast is composed of glycerol, silica and the innovative addition of L-leucine. L-leucine plays a crucial role not only in promoting glycerol hydration and glucose conversion efficiency, but also in compensating for amino acid losses during exercise. This stimulation of muscle protein synthesis leads to increased muscle mass and improved athletic performance.

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