INNOBIO successfully participated in the 2022 CPhI&SSW exhibition
Release time:2022-03-30 21:56:08

INNOBIO participated in the CPhI Worldwide Europe 2022 (" CPhI ") and SupplySide West 2022 (" SSW ") exhibitions in November. CPhI is a famous brand exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials, and also a professional exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. SSW is a large-scale pharmaceutical and health care raw materials exhibition in the United States, which is mainly based on plant extracts, functional food raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, beauty cosmetics raw materials and health care raw materials.

The theme of INNOBIO is "Your Dedicated Partner for Innovative Microencapsulation Solutions". The application of microcapsule technology solutions in sports nutrition, brain health, eye health, basic nutrition and other fields was exhibited to overseas customers. The founder, sales director and CEO of INNOBIO's European subsidiary visited the exhibition site to answer all kinds of problems encountered in the practical application of nutritional products for every customer who stopped. Whether it is CPhI or SSW, INNOBIO has attracted a large number of overseas customers by relying on advanced microcapsule technology and thoughtful product solutions.

INNOBIO overseas sales team with professional services, in-depth communication with many industry customers, greatly enhance INNOBIO in the overseas brand awareness and product reputation. In addition, our sales team also made many new friends in the industry during the two exhibitions, which has a positive role in promoting us to expand the product market and grasp the market dynamics. Finally, I would like to thank all the new and old customers for their support and trust in INNOBIO. In the future, we will continue to dig deep into the field of food nutrition, and continue to provide high-quality nutritional products and advanced nutritional food solutions for global customers.