INNOBIO successfully participated in Natural Products Expo West
Release time:2023-03-30 21:58:30

INNOBIO successfully participated in Natural Products Expo West at Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles from March 9 to 11, local time. At the show, INNOBIO was segmented by eye health, skin health, weight management, sports nutrition, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, and immune support. With the theme of "Precise Microencapsulation and Application Solutions for Human Nutrition", the exhibition provides customers with nutritional food ingredients and customized product solutions that accurately cover the hot market needs. Help customers to achieve product nutrition upgrade. INNOBIO's customized product solutions currently include sustained-release series, RTD ready-to-drink series, anti-hygroscoping series and enzyme synthesis series. According to different product characteristics, we can provide customers with high quality and compliance, in line with the actual application needs of nutritional products.

We can not only develop more than 100 kinds of nutritional food raw materials with the green and efficient biosynthetic technology platform, but also solve a series of problems in the practical application of nutritional raw materials with our own microcapsule patented technology platform, and truly "think what customers want" and serve customers. At present, INNOBIO series brand raw materials with the patented advantages of microcapsule technology 3.0, can provide customers with soft capsules, hard capsules, beverages, mouth soluble powder, energy bars, jelly, soft candy, baking and other practical application forms, help the absorption and utilization of nutrients, greatly improve the bioavailability of functional ingredients in the human body.