INNOBIO successfully participated in Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo
Release time:2023-03-30 21:57:20

On 9th March, INNOBIO successfully participated in the Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo held at the Barcelona Convention Center. In this exhibition, INNOBIO not only exhibited four series of brand raw materials to overseas customers, but also focused on launching the segmented business services under the two-wheel drive of biosynthesis technology and microcapsule technology, mainly covering the dipeptide technology platform under biosynthesis technology and the customized business requirements derived from the microcapsule technology platform, such as embedded lipoic acid products.

As we all know, under normal circumstances, most proteins are absorbed by the human body in the form of dipeptide, tripeptide and part of amino acids after gastrointestinal digestion. How does INNOBIO do it? We use our own biosynthetic technology platform to link amino acid monomers into dipeptides. Dipeptides do not require additional energy to decompose bulky protein molecules, and can directly provide two amino acids for human energy metabolism, which is more easily absorbed by the human body. In addition, Ms. Chrisitne, sales representative of INNOBIO's European subsidiary, also presented a new technical solution in the form of a keynote speech. Ms. Chrisitne, in her speech entitled Biotechnology Platform for Dipeptides and Environmental Sustainability, This article focuses on INNOBIO's technical solutions in dipeptide product research and development, and the advantages of the biosynthetic technology platform in the sustainable development of the earth and the environment.

Now, with the help of the biosynthesis technology platform, INNOBIO has the ability to develop more than dozens of dipeptide products such as proglutide. This is not only our ultimate pursuit of nutritious food ingredients, but also our pursuit of sustainable development of the planet. We are committed to developing a new environmentally friendly manufacturing process, which can not only ensure the high efficiency of product production, but also reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. During the two-day exhibition, INNOBIO's products attracted many customers to visit and inquire. Our sales team also took this opportunity to discuss the development of the nutritional food industry with experts and scholars in the field of global nutritional food industry and people from all sectors of the industry, focusing on the frontier and hot spots of the nutritional food industry, sharing and learning from each other and establishing a good relationship network.